Shipping Policy

Six Bottle Shipping Discount

Customers who purchase six bottles or more per order will receive a 25% discount on shipping plus a free corkscrew with their order.

We Ship At Your Request

Title to and ownership of wine purchased from this website passes from Plonk Wine Merchants LLC to the purchaser in the State of California. The risk of loss for all purchased items also passes from Plonk Wine Merchants LLC to the purchaser in the same manner and at the same time title passes to the purchaser. Plonk Wine Merchants LLC does not convey or intimate the right of any person to transport beverage alcohol across any state border. The purchaser takes all responsibility for the shipping of his or her wine from California to his or her home state. At the purchaser’s request, Plonk Wine Merchants LLC will arrange delivery of the wine. In doing so, Plonk Wine Merchants LLC is providing a service to and acting on behalf of the purchaser. By utilizing this service, the purchaser represents that he or she is acting in a manner compliant with his or her state and local laws regarding the purchase, transport and delivery of wine. The purchaser represents that he or she has obtained any required permission, paid any required fees, is working through properly licensed intermediaries where required, is legally entitled to take possession of wine, is legally entitled to take quantities ordered, and certifies that he or she is at least 21 years of age. Plonk Wine Merchants LLC reserves the right to choose any and all procedures, packaging and transporter of sold merchandise. Plonk Wine Merchants LLC assumes no liability for breach of any regulation by the purchaser. Plonk Wine Merchants LLC assumes no liability for any misinterpretation of the above provisions.

Shipping Options

To ensure prompt and successful deliveries, please make sure to select the shipping option that best meets your availability to provide an adult signature. During the checkout process, you will be given several options to choose from which include specific shipping costs. We ship by ground or air and our prices include packaging materials as well as handling fees.

Volume Limits

In most states, regulations limit the amount of wine that can be shipped to a single address (or household) within a given period of time. Volume limitations vary from state to state, some with monthly maximums and others with yearly maximums. Due to these regulations, if an order you place exceeds the volume limits to your particular shipping address, your shopping cart will not allow you to place the order and you will receive notification that you have exceeded your bottle limit.

Shipping Conditions

During times of inclement weather, either extreme heat or extreme cold, Plonk Wine Merchants recommends delaying shipment until conditions improve, or choosing air shipping as opposed to ground shipping. Please be advised that Plonk Wine Merchants is not responsible for items damaged due to extreme weather conditions.