Five Reasons to Join an Online Wine Club

Five Reasons to Join an Online Wine Club


Any casual drinker can grab a bottle of wine at a local grocer. However, for those who have more reverence for the grape and its fermented gifts, those interested in becoming connoisseurs or those simply curious about the mystique of wine culture, an online wine club offers many benefits.

Benefit #1: Value
While online customers must beware of how shipping costs inflate wine purchases, many customers can reap discounts by joining monthly wine clubs, “best of” wine clubs or buying online by the case. Buying in volume is often rewarded with discounted shipping or free wine accessories. Most wine clubs offer occasional coupon codes or referral programs to further shave off the cost of wine. While premium and rare bottles rarely get discounted, each club typically has a section of budget-friendly recommendations to stay competitive. On top of that, by not going to the store, members save on time and the cost of gas.

Benefit #2: Diverse Selection
With direct supply lines to vineyards all over the world, the best online wine clubs go beyond just offering stateside wines from only one single winery, and instead offer a broad global selection from venerable wine countries such as Italy, Argentina, Chile, France, South Africa and New Zealand.

Benefit #3: Perks
The best online wine clubs lavish regular members with a wide variety of perks and freebies, including wine glasses, wine magazine subscriptions, corkscrew sets and wine books. In addition to that, members have access to limited release wines that are not offered to the general public. A few clubs offer a free bottle or two for longstanding members.

Benefit #4: Wine Education
Don’t know a medium-bodied wine from a light and fruity one? Confused about which wine is dry or should be served with a filet mignon? With tasting notes, newsletters and pamphlets included in nearly every shipment, online wine clubs offer easy instruction on how to pair wines with food and discern the characteristics of particular wines. Overtime, any member can easily rattle off wine styles, regions and varietals with ease. They also learn the basics of winemaking, including both viticulture and vinification.

Benefit #5: Guided Purchases
Buying wine can be intimidating, which is why many members enjoy the hand selection of their wines by managers of wine clubs. Think of an online wine club as your own special curator, able to pick and choose a perfect bottle set for whatever occasion. A club might introduce you to a red wine trio one month, a sweet wine set the next month and an assortment of champagne thereafter. It might use three months to take you on a gustatory tour of all the great Tuscan wines and then shift to Napa Valley’s best after that.

Quite simply, wine clubs are extremely convenient, delivering wines right to your front door on a fixed schedule. There’s a club for every lifestyle. Some ship every three months, while others ship every month. Some sites offer a single bottle via a wine of the month club, while others send bottles by the dozen. Most do not charge membership fees and allow cancellation at any time.


  1. It’s pretty standard to receive free tastings and even free glasses of wine when you visit the winery. Bring your friends too! Typically wineries will also give your guest (or even parties up to four) a free tasting as well.

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