PLONK HOLIDAY CONTEST: Win a Coupon for 50% Off

PLONK HOLIDAY CONTEST: Win a Coupon for 50% Off

The first 10 people to complete all 3 of the following will win a special holiday coupon for 50% off everything you buy at Plonk Wine Merchants!

  1. Post the thing you like best about Plonk Wine Merchants to your Facebook page and include a link to the Plonk Wine Merchants website.
  2. Tweet about your favorite wine sold at Plonk Wine Merchants and include the hash tag #PlonkContest as well as @PlonkOnline in your tweet. For example: #PlonkContest @PlonkOnline – I would like to win 50% off to get the (add your favorite wine here)!
  3. Link to the Plonk Wine Merchants website from your website if you have one, or Digg Plonk.

In order to receive your coupon, you must post a comment below stating that you completed all 3 tasks with links to your Facebook post, your tweet, and to the mention of Plonk on your website or on Digg.

Contest ends on January 1st, 2011.



  1. DRIA says:

    I entered the 3 items above and want to win the 50% off so I can get the Pere Ventura N.V. Cava Brut Rosé. Sounds delicious!!

  2. Promotional says:

    I like this promo. The mechanics are easy to follow. And for me, the price is right. Hopefully, there will be more promos to grab.

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